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COMPort TEST - RS232 - Serial Com Port Test Freeware

This freeware, courtesy of B & B electronics, can be used to test serial COM RS232 ports for functionality
A serial port loopback plug will be required , constructional details are provided below.
Serial Port rs232 loop back Wiring

To use the COM port test utility a 'loopback' plug is required. This is made using a 9 way female 'D' type connector as shown below.
Fit the loopback plug to the relevant port before running the software

Comport test


HW Virtual Serial Port

The virtual serial port driver for Windows is a software tool, which adds a virtual COM port to the system as for example COM5 and all the data from this port are re-directed over the Ethernet to defined IP device. HW VSP is a free unlimited driver, it works with any TCP/IP device, supports TCP server as well as TCP Client mode. Standard remote port control with using of NVT & RFC2217 is supported. Visit site
virsual port For Serial Com PORT

HiSerial.sys 1.4

From the developer: "HiSerial.sys is a replacment for Microsoft's Serial.sys serial port driver. HiSerial.sys does enable high speed serial communication up to 921600 baud on both serial ports. The possibility of speeds higher than 115200 baud depends on the computers chipset." | Download

Serial I/O 1.50

The free source code of serial port control allows using a web page to send and receive hexdecimal bytes or ASCII characters. It is developed for the Embedded Internet Applications (EIA) and running on any AWC86/86A based system with MicroRTOS operating system. MicroRTOS is an Internet enabled real-time operating system developed by Advanced Web Communication division of Xecom, Inc. The source program can be modified and compiled using Microsoft and Borland C++ tools. | Download

Free Serial Port Monitor 3.31

Free software serial Com port monitor, Com Rs232 sniffer with communication packet data analyzer. This monitoring utility can spy, capture, view, analyze, test com ports activity performing com port connection and traffic analysis with data acquisition and control. You can use this system as device interface testing tool, modem data transfer viewer and so on. Serial Monitor can be successfully used for monitoring data flow between serial devices and Windows application, debugging com port connections, developing, reverse-engineering and implementing serial protocol, serial device driver development, serial hardware development, research the functionality of any third-party software and hardware, testing software and hardware. Free Serial Port Monitor can be successfully used by programmers, beta-testers, software developers, hardware engineers, IT support specialists, industrial control personnel, SCADA software engineers, science technicians, systems integrators, consultants, lab experts. Visit site | Download

PCISniffer 1.4

PCISniffer performs a complete PCI-diagnosis. It reports device and vendor names as well as other PCI device information in plain text. This information can also be transmitted over a serial port. By being operating system independent PCISniffer makes available the unaltered PCI-configuration. ISO image for making a bootable CD included. Visit site | Download

RS232 Controller 1.0

The program will transfer data from your machine to PC for data processing, and will transfer commands from PC to machines. It also can connect your machine or equipment to PC via serial port, using COM1, COM2, COM20 ports. Visit site | Download

Scanmetender Standard 2.3

Scanmetender Standard is a multifunctional portscanner and security tool with everything you want. The keyword of Scanmetender Standard is "Customizability". With many options you can set whether Scanmetender Standard has to show you only the open ports of your PC (open port view) or all ports and their access (Advanced view). You can change everything like the type of the portscan, the sockets interval, and alarm. You will also find three designs in the Style of Microsoft Windows XP (XP blue, XP silver, or XP olive).

The Microsoft Windows XP Design has of courses the famous XP Sidebar of Microsoft Windows XP. You can also change the colors and the size of the fonts and menus in Scanmetender Standard. You can choose betwenn three languages: English, German, and Hebrew. Support you will find on the Levenfus home page. Scanmetender Standard includes a very nice helpfile with many screenshots. Visit site | Download

SerialTerm 1.5.17

SerialTerm is a program designed for PC to serial device interfacing and debugging. With SerialTerm you can perform design time tests and troubleshooting of your 8051 based projects and other serial devices. Visit site | Download

RS232 Data Logger 2.7

RS232 Data Logger by Eltima Software is an Open Source application which allows you to redirect all communication data from RS232 compliant serial port device into a text file for further analysis. RS232 Data Logger redirects data from any available serial port (doesn't matter whether it is virtual or real one) and works under Virtual Machine (VMWare). You can gather data from multiple serial ports simultaneously. RS232 Data Logger by Eltima lets you specify serial port connection parameters (baudrate, parity, stop bits, flow control, databits), select the file to redirect incoming data to for each port and append incoming data to already existing file. All data recorded as a text can be further analyzed. For instance, you can parse global positioning data (coordinates) from GPS device connected to your notebook via serial port to track your movement; or you can simply investigate and learn how serial ports work. Visit site | Download


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