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How to fix Problem of Serial Com Port and RS232 Problem Checking

Problem : The data cannot be retrieved or transferred from or to the serial port while using the communications programs with a serial port like Hercules.

And you are really sure that,

- You have the serial port which are connected to the computer with the right port.
- Also, you are sure that you have already used the program and choose the correct serial communications parameters.
- You also confident that you use the correct cable to interface with the device.

If all above are correct, please try to change to other serial port or other computer. If it can use on other computer or other serial port, you can think that maybe the serial port is disabled in BIOS setup.

How to solve the serial port problem?

The following options are to fix the problems of your Com port :

1. Enter into BIOS setup mode on your computer and enable the serial port if it is disabled. It is not ensure if you your modem is not used together with COM port because I/O port may be conflicted.

In order to enter into BIOS setup mode by pressing a key while booting the computer such as DEL, ESC CTRL-ESC, CTRL-ALT-ESC. However it depends on how each computer set but mostly there is a message like "Press DEL Key to enter BIOS setup".

Then go to Integrated Peripherals Menu which locate the serial port settlings. Once you have already done with changing the disable/enable of serial port, you have to save all settings before leaving from BIOS setup mode.

2. You can solve this problem by configuring the on-board serial port which is disabled in order to use the Port Base Address and IRQ value that will not coincide to another serial ports on the modem or the computer. Example, you can get rid of the conflicts with another ports by configuring the port to be on COM3 which base address is 3E8 and then using IRQ5 but you have to make sure that no devices using IRQ5.

3. If the above cannot solve the problems, try another choice : enable serial port in BIOS or uninstall modem from computer or set modem jumpers to be on the port which is not conflicted (e.g. COM3 base address 3E8 using IRQ 5). Non-plug & play modems will only have special purpose jumpers. You have to contact the computer who made the modem or configure modem by using manual. Sometimes the settings may be on the circuit board of the modem obviously.

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